Divorce Without Devastation,
Divorce With Dignity

Clint Fuqua
Vanity and Visions: "Keep your eye on what matters"


Keep your eye on what matters


Clint Fuqua


 400784_10200524511409612_701772730_nBeauty is in the eye of the beholder or so we hear.  So what visions are held in your eye when you look in the mirror or walk past your reflection on the street?  Do you see the truth as it is or a lie that has been created through the whims of society or your own virulent misgivings?  The quest for beauty and physical perfection is not a bad thing in itself due to the great care, consideration, and self reflection required.  Obsessive compulsion or complete rejections of our outward appearance however are easy traps to which many fall prey.  Vanity is a virus that can infect even the most blind among us and blind those with the best sight.  Virtue is the truth we see staring back at us when keep our eye on what matters most.

Let’s face it.  Society as a whole is based on looks and the perception others conceive of our outward appearance and vice versa.  Since the beginning of time and the first leaf was worn as covering humankind created fashion statements and send messages before drawing were put on walls.  The biggest, strongest, and most desirable of the tribes where chosen to procreate, propagate, and insure the survival of their lineage just as we do today.  Think of it like Brad and Angelina versus Tom and Rosanne and which couple you would choose to insure the future of humanity.  Most people will choose Brangolina and thus a standard is set for what men and women should aspire to look and act like if they wish to successfully continue their lineage.  For all of the Toms and Rosanne’s out there this does not bode well even though there are strangely more of them today than the Brangolinas.  In fact you’re sure to find more Tom’s with Angelina’s with Brad as the pool boy and Rosanne cleaning the house and watching the kids.  Funny thing about vanity is that no matter what the societal standard of perfection may be anyone can become blinded by the lies of their own reflection.  The point here is that any Tom can be a Brad just as any Rosanne can be an Angelina and vice versa depending on the self perception they have and the vision they want to see in the mirror.  The standards of society are an illusion based on lies so find the truth within yourself and convey that message outwardly for all to see.

429561_3163529081477_725516523_nVanity is one of the original sins and left unchecked can make life a living hell.  Beauty is pain and many of the models placed in front of us go through immense pain and illness just to be airbrushed into impossible possibilities.  A perfect six pack, smooth skin, and shiny white teeth don’t mean a person is healthy but they can all be outcomes of living a healthy lifestyle.  Keep your virtue intact as the world feeds you images to conform and fit in to.  Your real reason in this life is to stand out with your own unique beauty and virtuous qualities.  Set a healthy standard in your life to achieve and maintain through caring for your health with every bite, step, breath, and thought.  Keep your eye on the future ahead and the daily responsibilities to make it a reality.

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